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Meet Us At Boston! specializes in providing pragmatic AI solutions across enterprises and domains. believes in democratization of AI with the intent to provide tailor-made solutions which best fit the business needs, thereby amplifying profitability, positively impacting revenues and delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction. As we are driven by the market needs for intelligent business transformation, our focus is on solving complex industry problems with cutting edge AI, which not only is extremely lucrative to use, but also shows tangible outcomes on the bottom line.

We partner with enterprises on a journey of business-driven adoption of AI with our predictive modelling and generative AI solutions. Our unique proposition lies in the fact that we come with a suit of accelerators which sharply cuts back the time required to show value for our partners. Our powerhouse of pre-build plus consulting led customizations mean just one thing for businesses: results.

We develop a comprehensive strategy and roadmap to seamlessly integrate AI across your business processes at a scale. From exploring possibilities to identifying viable use cases, we guide you through to a usable proof of concept. With well-defined goals guiding your journey, we ensure effective operationalization of AI for impactful outcomes.

Data To Next |  Responsible & Reliable | Customer centric | Outcome oriented

Boosting Your Competitive Advantage using AI

We helped a client extract relevant data from tracking documents (invoices, bills of lading, customs slips) to tag them automatically to the correct PO – this helped in completely automating order tracking.

We leveraged Doculens, our proprietary AI accelerator, and our modern data stack capabilities to automatically update ERP systems.

Impact: 10x time-savings in data entry, and less than 3 weeks to build and integrate the solution.

We helped a client build an AI-enabled vendor co-pilot that exposed their existing knowledge-base – emails, documents, notes – as a chat-based application to answers questions such as: did we have a similar vendor, did we have any issues, was a product like this ever requisitioned and if so, for what price?

We used Zunō. Assist, our proprietary accelerator, and our digital engineering expertise to build a user-friendly, chat-like application.

Impact: Reduced time taken in research from 2-3 hours a day to less than 15 minutes

We helped a client build a contract risk assessment solution which can look at any contract/document and automatically fill questionnaires such as ASC 606 and IFRS 16.

We used ContractLens, our proprietary accelerator, and our digital engineering expertise to build a user-friendly application.

Impact: Time taken to assess contract risk dropped from 2 hours to less than a minute

contract risk
We built a procurement analytics system to help our customers get deep insight into their procurement. This helped them answer questions such as: what items are being procured, when, what price, and payment terms.

We used our Insights platform to build custom dashboards and then layered Zunō.Assist to group similar items and products for easy comparisons.

Impact: Actionable Insights in less than 4 weeks with 95% effort reduction for report creation.

procurement analytics

Experience AI at Scale

Behold the exciting demos of our accelerators

Check out what we have done for our clients using best-in-class AI accelerators built around our proprietary product Zunō. Be ready to ask for more!

Interactions focusing on growth

Talk to our tech experts to understand how value can be built with AI and understand from our domain experts how we have done it for our select partners

Explore ways to partner with us

Let's get together to crack those problems that is inhibiting your business reach full potential, or to propel it further in it's vision to become best-in-class; using our deep expertise in AI.

Key Focus Areas

AI Advisory &

We will help you explore the art of possible with AI in the context of your business, and partner with you to put Artificial Intelligence into action for your business in a pragmatic way.

Generative AI

We create modern business solutions that learn from the vast corpus within your enterprise, we synthesize & generate unique content to enhance customer service.


Build Machine Learning Models for your most impactful use cases and build Artificial Intelligence applications to leverage the output, rapidly putting AI into the hands of the business users.



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Meet Our Team At CDAO Fall 2023

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Founder & CEO

Miguel Angel Barrera

Director - AI & Digital Engineering

Chaitanya Kasiraju

SVP & Chief – Demand Generation & Digital Sales

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