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Business Need

The company collects sequencing/testing samples from multiple sources. These samples are tested across various stages to generate reports in the form of Tableau dashboards. Multiple systems are used for the process, the main system being LIMS (Laboratory Inventory Management System).

They were looking for a reliable technology partner to develop a centralized Data Warehousing solution for efficient data collection, processing, and analysis.


The model was developed following a two-phased approach.

Phase 1

Assessing existing systems used by the client to gain relevant insights about pre-lab and lab operations. The insights led in designing a reliable and scalable data model to capture essential information.

The database architecture ingests data from multiple client systems – QAD, Rapto, DADB, SDB, Symphony, DMS, and DDT. The data collected is then processed and transformed into inputs for the data model. A solution was designed for Tableau reports that will visualize data from the data model.

Phase 2

The Operations Data Model was built and implemented in Google Big Query. Automated data ingestion pipelines used data present in the architecture designed in the first phase. The complete solution was tested, validated and deployed in the client environment for successful implementation.

Business Benefits

  • Improved Data Quality: Integrating data from multiple sources gave good control over quality of data. Data validation and cleansing methodologies helps identify and resolve data inconsistencies, leading to accurate and reliable reporting.
  • Enhanced Data Analysis: A centralized data warehousing system helps to perform comprehensive analysis on the collected data.
  • Effective Reporting: Data is transformed, aggregated, and structured in a way that enables efficient querying and reporting. This helped generate Tableau dashboards and reports more effectively, providing valuable insights to patients and healthcare professionals.
  • Faster Decision-Making: A unified view provides relevant data to key stakeholders for making informed decisions regarding DNA sequencing and testing services, patient treatments, resource allocation, and more.

Customer Testimonial is obsessed with delivering high quality work. Their flexibility with fluid business requirements, their ability to use technology to drive business outcomes makes them a partner of choice.

Anil Madhireddy, Head of IT & Business Systems

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