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Travel from Data to Insights to Actions – At Light Speed

Adopt ZUNŌ: the no-code fast lane to uncovering actionable insights from your data. Go from data-to-insights in a matter of minutes. ZUNŌ addresses and automates the entire data science pipeline, so that your data scientists can focus on figuring out the right questions to ask and translating insights to actions.

Why ZUNŌ Exists

Over 85% of the world’s Data Science projects remain in the lab. Here’s why…

Data Science is highly experimental and iterative – you typically need several cycles of experimentation to start seeing value.

Integrating results needs expertise in data engineering, application development, and change management.

And ML-models are only a job half done. Stakeholders face roadblocks in deploying applications built on them.

How ZUNŌ helps you TODAY

ZUNŌ automated across the entire model-building lifecycle – from data cleanup to predictions to MLOps. It tackles the challenges of analysts, data scientists, and operators on multiple fronts, leveraging the power of machine learning and a no code approach.


repeat work and manual efforts in the data science lifecycle, reducing time-to-action from months to days.


problem-solving through Automatic Hypothesis Discovery and hard-coding modeling best practices.


stakeholders leveraging pre-built recipes and flows for fast insights, besides democratizing data science for business users.

Peeking under the hood

Your experts focus on the core problems in the data lifecycle, saving time and optimally managing the data modelling process.
Everyone in the ecosystem can use the platform and benefit from actionable insights thanks to no-code approach.
Stakeholders benefit from maximum accuracy of actionable insights while only providing minimal user input.
Faster analytics cycle, as data-to-actions timeline reduces from years to months and months to days
Flexible use of the platform allows it to be the final solution or be the first step as Cognida’s AI advisory for the right decisions.

Accelerating the data science lifecycle

How It All Comes Together For A Powerful Workflow

Tried And Tested – ZUNŌ Has Made Its Mark

Let’s Make Insights At Lightspeed A Daily Thing

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